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So I bought a bunch of 5200 games...

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I found 20 5200 loose carts at a local retro shop for 1.50 each. I don't have a 5200, but I never see 5200 stuff that cheap, so I snagged them.


Debating if I should try to get my hands on a 5200, or should I try to flip my new little collection for some 2600 stuff? Seems like working ones are going for a mint on eBay right now...

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Please let me know if interested in this trashed, yet functional beast.  Shipping will be high, since it's so large.  Also, I have some controllers I was planning on repairing and they will be for sale soon too.

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Cool! I'll get the controllers going this weekend. I have one ready to go already. I'll PM you soon.


I've been using this 5200 to test controllers as I fix them, and it works really nicely. Nice video quality. It's just missing a little armor plating is all :)

Hey if anything less armor plating means less weight to ship!


Thanks again for offering this for shipping only, it's very generous! I'd really be an idiot to turn it down :-)

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