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Hello from Pennsylvania


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I'm _aterw but if that's too silly you can just call me Andrew. I'm a kid out of Union City, Pennsylvania - a Junior in High School anyways - and I've been doing a whole lot of stuff for my life.


To start off, well, I'll start with the whole Atari bit. I got introduced to what Atari even was from one of my best friends (I think he goes by BurritoBeans online?) a couple years back when I had went over to his place and he had a 2600 with some games and controllers that he said he ordered off of eBay or something. After an afternoon of Pitfall, Warlords, Combat, and Tennis I ended up really liking the things and bought a 4-switch of my own probably a week after from a local game shop and have just been buying cartridges as I can find them. (Erie seems dead for Atari stuff, I can't find any anywhere!) I don't own any Atari apart from that 2600, but hey, it's a fun system so I can't complain. With Beans, I ended up also getting into a lot of other game stuff and collect some old computers and systems that I've been able to find at his workplace and other game shops in the general area.


For things I enjoy, I really like to do a couple main things - games, collecting albums, playing guitar, and movies. For games other than the Atari and all that, I remember my first system was a Nintendo Gamecube when they were new and it was so cool to me for about two weeks then I got bored and went back to playing outside while my brothers were all over it - I don't think I really played much until we got out Xbox 360 MW2 Elite, and even then I only played for a couple years before I got bored.


With the music stuff, records have always been a thing in my life as my dad kept all his stuff from high school/college so we have his old record player and albums. I always thought they were cool so I started buying records myself, and I have good memories of sitting around listening to bands like Genesis, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Toto, Dire Straits, Men At Work, and The B52s playing on the record player. This stuff was also why I got into playing music - I play Contralto Clarinet, Paperclip Contrabass Clarinet, and Bassoon for the school band while also playing drums both on my own time and for a little band which friends and I put together a few years back. I love to play, but we don't play many shows so apart from a couple a year it's just the concert band stuff for school and orchestra for the school musical if they have a part for any of my instruments.


Finally with moves, well I've been watching the things forever - again with dads old stuff we had the DVD player and Laserdisc player which got used a lot on weekends, and I've been buying the things since I was about 12. I haven't got that big of a collection of movies anymore as I sold off a lot of what I had when I was getting my car but  I kept what I like and some odds and ends which I received from people and I still enjoy them to this day.


I do work which is the reason why I don't game all too much. For the past almost three years of my life I've been a farmhand working out in fields doing whatever I'm needed for in the summer and helping with animals in the winter. Compared to my friends I'm not doing too great job-wise as it's not the best pay in the world, but I get a free meal and some cash in hand at the end of the day so I'm not complaining.


So that's about it for me. I don't know a ton for games, but as I'm getting a bit more into them I'm hoping maybe I'll learn some stuff on here and be able to maybe contribute here and there.

Thanks for reading.

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