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Post pics of your PC

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I just got a new-to-me one, and thought it would be fun to share.  Post pics of your rig!


Mine has these specs:

  • Intel Core i7-4790k (4 GHz)
  • 32 Gb DDR3
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • GeForce GTX 660

I know...not the latest and greatest, but a huge improvement over what I had.  It's very quick in loading atari.io!






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That's a nice rig you have...and it looks to be ready for any game you throw at it!


I have two desktops with the latest one being...




I inherited this one for helping care for an elderly lady in our apartment complex we called "mom".  The only aspect wrong in those specs is with the video card.  This system was very basic since it was used only for playing Spider Solitaire.  It never seen the internet until I got it.  And I'm not a fan of Intel graphics at all...they are worthless as far as I'm concerned.  I am an AMD fan so I wish this system had that processor but it does have a dual core Celeron processor which I am planning on upgrading to a Core 3 or 7.  I had an older ATi Radeon X600 SE with 128 MB of RAM so I installed it instead.  PC performance is not that great at the moment at only 2.6 overall so I don't use it for gaming.  It does well for browsing the internet and sending emails and I am also using it to learn how to develop for the 7800.  Nothing to write home about.  Running Windows Vista 32-bit keeps the system from going over 4 GB of RAM.  With a PCI-e slot, however, I can upgrade the video card to something more modern.  I've thought about a GeForce from one of these cheaper options:




Even with the limitations of the system I did install the Steam front-end and tried to play one of the SCS Software's truck driving simulators (have all three) and there was no picture but there was sound so it's trying...there is some hope young Jedi.


I also have an older Dell desktop tower I use for making ST Disks for the SPACE club.  While it has an AGP nVidia GeForce card it is very limited on RAM.  It is also the only desktop in the house with a 3.5" floppy drive.  I don't let it get on the internet and use it strictly for making the club disks.  It runs XP.  Given to me for fixing another computer for a friend.  It's too old to do much.  It might play games from PopCap or Mumbo Jumbo but that would be pushing it.


I have three laptops with my main laptop being this one:




It's a 2008 model but still gaming able as it plays most modern Steam games without issues.  I got it from Shopgoodwill while in college with no hard drives so the hard drive specs are not correct nor is the amount of RAM.  I have 8 GB installed and two 250 GB hard drives I pulled from other non-working laptops.  It also runs Windows 7 Professional.  This is my main gaming rig and it has seen better days but still works.  The battery never held a charge since I've had it so it stays plugged in and on most of the time.


The other two laptops are Compaqs.  One is a Armada 300M that was made when Window 98 was new and the other is a Presario designed to run XP.  Unfortunately the Presario wants to run and runs well until moving it or putting an pressure on the palm rests causes it freeze up.  I've completely disassembled it to try to locate the problem and even placed small foam pieces to help give the mother board some insurance from shorting anything out but the issue is still present.  It was given to me so I'm not too worried about it.  


Which brings me to the Armada.  This one I found at Goodwill for $5 with no hard drive or power supply...which the Presario might be a parts system.  What the Armada needs the Presario has (see where I'm going with this?).  And the Armada I've been wanting to make into a true MS-DOS system because I have DOS games that are not friendly with a Windows environment.  It does have the add-on where a DVD ROM and 3.5" floppy drive are.  I believe there is also a sound card in that expansion as well but not for sure.  It's small, light, but looks hardly used so I might do something with it.  I know the display is very bright and nice but it does suffer from the early LCD technology issues of blurring when something is moving on screen.  At least it holds a charge.


I will try to get pics of all the systems in the house soon but only the Toshiba is the gaming rig...the rest are basic setups and not really nothing exciting.  The story behind how I got them is probably more exciting.


The wife has a Dell XPS 17" laptop fully loaded with two 500GB HDD and 12 GB of RAM.  It, too, has an nVidia graphics processor but it is rarely used for gaming.  I've had to attach the power supply directly to the computer as the jack simply wore out (a common issue with these systems).  It also had an issue with the graphics processor which I believe it overheated in a similar fashion to the first XBOX 360 systems.  I took a blow dryer and heated the processor up again to try to fix it (same trick done on 360s) and it worked.  Come to find out the nVidia chips used were a bad batch that no one would try to correct including Dell and nVidia.  


All of our systems are used and were either given to us or for a very small price.  Not a single system we paid more than $5 for.  I'll try to post pics a.s.a.p.

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Pictures would be great! 


I've got a lot of "Frankenstein" computers and laptops for various purposes around the house, all cobbled together for cheap prices.  I think I've mentioned a few times how much I like to fix and fiddle with things. 

  • I have a Dell desktop in my garage that I got from a thrift store for less than $20. It's a core2duo running Vista.  I use it to look at repair info and videos, listen to music (loudly), and watch movies while working in the garage.
  • I've got a Dell laptop (core2duo) running Vista that I use as an Atari computer disk drive repository for a SIO2PC device.  And to view game manuals when playing.  I won this one at a company picnic a long time ago. I put in a 32 GB SSD that I got used from ebay, and it is so fast!
  • I've got a tiny Dell laptop that I got for $3 (Godwill) that runs XP and has a Centrino processor.  Used in the kitchen for recipes and for surfing while watching TV and stuff.  Picture of that one is below. One of my favorites due to the small size and $3 price.  It didn't come with a hard drive, but I stole the drive from a RROD Xbox 360 and installed XP. 
  • There's a couple of desktops in the attic that have been retired due to nicer machines coming in.  There's a giant Dell with dual core AMD running XP and a super tiny HP desktop with an AMD-E1 (really crappy processor -- so slow!) running Win 10.  I probably should sell or dispose of these.
  • We also have a tiny micro-laptop running an Intel Atom dual core and Win 10 with no fan or hard drive (it has 32Gb SSD).  Really nice to take on vacation.  My youngest uses it to vidoe skype with friends. 



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