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AT Games Intellivision Flashback 2 coming this fall....


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"Michael Thomasson

Okay, I can finally spill the beans on this project. AtGames is releasing a second Intellivision Flashback this fall and it will have the games you want by Data East (Burgertime, Lock 'n Chase, Bump 'n Jump, etc.) as well as the TRON games, and more!  "







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And controllers that are interchangeable with Sears or INTV2....please???

Yeah they were originally supposed to be backward compatible with original consoles but they rushed the release (same for the ColecoVision Flashback) no excuse this time with a new version coming it. Backwards compatibility with the controllers would be a huge value add. 

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Update: The AT Games insider, Bill Loguidice, has added some more info about the INTV FB2..............




"Yes, much to my surprise, there will be an INTV FB 2 (special deal I guess), but the Data East and Disney stuff is not confirmed. It's kind of jumping the gun, frankly."


"OK, after having some discussions, it turns out that nothing is settled yet, either system or games. It's possible, but quite a bit still needs to be worked out to make anything a reality. So, for now, put it all in the maybe category. I'll say nothing else on the matter for now. "

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Great news! I would love to see The Dreadnaught Factor on this console!


Welcome to the forums dave! Great to see you here!


This is an interesting situation as both Bill and Michael have some credibility to their names. I know in the past, Keith Robinson has tried over and over to be able to republish the Tron games, but Disney always wanted too much. Perhaps, however, a deal is in place, but it hasn't officially been finalized.

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An SD card slot would certainly be awesome but after buying the first my criteria is:


1. Good lineup of titles

2. Proper backwards compatible controller out of the box as was intended with the original, They have had enough time now. 


unless those two conditions are met I will pass until they release one that meets those requirements, same goes for future Colecovision Flashbacks. Oh and also I need to be working again to have extra monies for such indulgences

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