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AT Games: Atari Flashback 8, SEGA Flashback (2017), & Atari FBP 2

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from Bill Loguidice (works with AT Games) about the upcoming holiday season AT Games coming out:


"All I can say is that there is going to be an impressive third party line-up this year on the Atari and Sega systems. There will be differences though between what's on the consoles and what's on the portables."


when asked about the quality of the builds...


"I want to tread carefully here, obviously, but basically there will be a budget version with modest/minimal changes and a premium version with significant changes/complete overhaul. They'll have pricing to match their respective builds, although I can't really see anyone here not wanting to spend the extra for the premium model. As for build quality, that's all relative I suppose, particularly at the price points.


The above only applies to the consoles. The Portables will be of the modest/minimal changes variety (and only single models), although the included games should prove extremely compelling."


commenting about more homebrew games being added this year...........


"This does not have to be the case. Inclusion in an official product like a Flashback would arguably give the developer a free pass. However, some homebrew devs have chosen not to work with AtGames - even with non-infringing, original creations - because they're afraid of being "noticed" for their other, infringing creations. Frankly, I consider that a bit of a simplistic viewpoint, because at least of the companies I've had limited dealings with through my AtGames and other relationships, most are either well aware of what's going on or have people who are well aware of what's going and choose to do nothing about it (and in some cases, love it). Of course, if homebrew stuff that infringed wasn't kept low key like it is (selling a few hundred copies at best), I'm sure more would suddenly start to care. It's one thing doing what is essentially fan service and it's another starting to profit in a big way from someone else's property. "



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So this just happened.....


from Bill L....


"I have an update about the Atari Flashback 8 Gold: Activision Edition. Some of you will not be happy. It will "only" have 120 games on it, same as the standard Atari HD model. The difference is is that many of the other third party games will be replaced by 19 more Activision games, so 39 Activision games in total versus the 20 on the regular Atari HD. So obviously that makes the decision a bit tougher. "



so, now which one are ya'll going after, this Christmas????


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Sound off gang, what say you?


We got a dedicated thread I think you will appreciate. So far though not much to say outside of speculation and the current owners of Atari being more just copyright holders that whore out the name. Until we get past RENDERED IMAGES and vague specs we got nothing, here's hoping though. 



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from Bill L today:


"OK, it's resolved. I was missing one Activision game, and didn't remove the Good Deal Games homebrews. So no Frogger, Taito, and GDG games on the Activision HD. The additional Activision/Imagic games make up the rest of the 130 game count."

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My newest ROM Pack for the AFP has been released today!  


See red portion of the first post here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258970-atari-flashback-portable-faq-and-compatibility-list/?p=3630367


and the game list can be found here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArXu52QZivTrgWgYUthlQ73G4fDH


basic info on pack:

  • tested on the 2016 AFP only (i don't have the 2017 edition- but should still work)
  • sorted alphabetically with DriveSort
  • I tried to rename the ROMs were the original one is listed first, then the hacks are listed next in line
  • I included several hacks this time of popular games (i.e.- Adventure, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, River Raid, etc)
  • Games that have been modified to work with the portable are labeled (portable)
  • I have completed the ROM pack game list (link above) with details of each ROM that is included in the ROM pack
  • updated as of 12/6/2017
  • ROM pack contains 1001 working ROMs (allowed room for 29 more ROMs to be added, no matter what size SD card you have, AFP only handles 1030 total)
  • worked on it from July-Dec. 2017
  • some ROM exclusives included



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