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GRay Defender

WiModem for the C64

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Awesome video! :) The petscii graphics reminded me of the c64 boards bitd - it really wasn't too different than the internet but not centralized; we had to hang up and dial the next address to follow a link. Forums, Email, chat (usually just with the sysop), playing online text games, simple online graphics games and of course downloading all the warez ;)


GPAC Defender (with the cracktro of course, probably a view different cractros - the different boards really liked to personalize) would have been on many of those 80's boards if you could send it back in time!


I liked the red C64c too - I only remember ever seeing those in white, is it a custom job?

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Thanks for watching Mr SQL.  Yeah it is pretty cool playing around with the Wimodem and "dialing" up those BBS's just like in the old days.


As for the C64c housing, it was a kickstarter a while back.  They had a few different colors and it was also a fun little project to work on.


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