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Atari VCS/2600 games in movies, shows, and videos

Scott Stilphen

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Very nice.  I know there is a Cosby Show episode where kids are playing a NES but the sounds are from the VCS Pac-Man.  I just can't remember which episode or season.  The image for Paul McCartney's Appreciate one of the games is a Genesis cart from EA.  Pretty cool!


Cloak & Dagger I have not ever seen but would like to someday.  I wonder if some of those props for the movie still exist?  It also goes to show that Atari was a little more free in how their products were used.  Any TV or Film doing that today would most likely be threatened by lawyers.  

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  I wonder if some of those props for the movie still exist? 

It's not an official prop but I loved the flick so much growing up I had to make this. The idea is it will go in a shaddow box with a good print of the movie poster, never got that far. HAHAHAH 



Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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