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My Great Week On eBay

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Starting on March 5th, I had an amazing week on eBay (actually more like 5 days).

Not only did I find some cool stuff at good prices, but I also sold enough to cover my purchases.

On this thread, I'm going to share some of my purchases as I open them up and test them.


First up, Shadow Squadron for the Sega 32x.




I got this for a great deal loose. I remember having a blast playing this at a friends house when it first came out. 

I recall that it had a great two player mode and was actually more fun than the 32x Star Wars game! 

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Next up is Atomic Robo Kid for the Sega Genesis.




This is one of those games that attracted me from afar in the early days of the Genesis due to magazine screen shots and the weird box art, but never enough to rent or buy.




This one is a former Blockbuster rental with label damage (might be why I got it for a good price). Rental code N? Perhaps it's a new release!!!


I'll post more in the days to come, saving some of the best for last!

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So I bought this pair of mysterious joysticks. There were labeled as 7800 joysticks, which is why I bought them since I've never seen them before. However they are not, since both buttons work the same. Most likely, they were made with the 2600 in mind.

If you want to see more pictures or have any idea who made them, please see this thread: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/3041-need-help-identifying-atari-2600-joysticks/





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Video Game Magazines! I really dig mags from the mid 80's to mid-to-late 90's

I bought each of these separately from the same seller, who was kind enough to combine shipping, even though it didn't say anything about it in the description.  This really helped bring the cost down to the point where I paid less than $2 an issue.


Sega Visions & Gamepro

Sega Visions was Sega's version of Nintendo Power. 

Fun Fact: When they notified subscribers they were canceling the magazine, the remainder of their subscription was transferred over to Gamepro!


Electronic Gaming Monthly & Video Games

Fun Fact: EGM was my favorite mag growing up and inspired me to want to be a game reviewer one day, which I now am in a way on YouTube.


Game Informer

Yup, I liked GI until about the PS2 era



And my favorite, a rare, early issue of Game Informer!


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Ok. This is one of the finds that made my week so great. 

I bought an Intellivision II with a handful of games. When I saw a pic of it on eBay, I wasn't going to buy it until something caught my eye.

Notice anything?




That's right! A rare, red demonstration cart!!!




It's basically an ad on a cart telling you why to buy the system and showing some gameplay from some of the games. They would use these in stores and it kinda acted like the later VHS tapes that had nothing but commercials on them and would start back at the beginning when done.

I will make a video showing it in action later.

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Only two more items left. This one just came today from across the ocean:




I bought this simply because it was a cheap, import Saturn game. A while back I bought a cart that is supposed to allow you to play imports on a US Saturn, and now I have something to test it with once I finally dig my Saturn out.

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Ok. This is the item that started off my week, and was the one I was most excited to get:

The Capcom Fighter Power Stick GS for the Sega Genesis




This came out along side of Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition and the introduction of six button controllers for the Genesis. I believe it was advertised in an insert included with SF2:SCE along some other SF2 products. It wasn't widely available and I think it was over $50 new (Maybe $69.99). I've wanted one since I was a kid and for some reason, I even like the odd color scheme.


It feature variable and individual turbo with small led lights to show which button is active.




I think the joystick feature micro-switches, by the sounds of it. You can even turn it from a 4 way to 8 way joystick! And it works with Atari systems!!!! (Although not quite as good as Edladdin's stuff)




This one really worried me. I won the auction for less of the price of shipping and the seller had several delays. I was worried it would never arrive when the seller found out how much it would cost to ship it. But thankfully, one day a large rate box arrived with a corner of the joystick popping out (just to show how big it is!)


What a great start to a great week on the bay!

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