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Almost bought an SX-64 yesterday


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It was a good deal, and in good shape.  But decided to keep my wallet closed at the last minute.  Why?  Space.  Not one of my favorite computers.  Kid in college.  It was priced pretty well, about what it's worth.  Not a bargain though.  I think these things are cool, but they are also heavy, and take up a lot of space that should be reserved for Atari stuff. 


Anyone else ever held back on buying something for their collection?  Regrets later?  Any better reasons than I had?




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Very cool!  I'm a big Commodore fan.   I just picked up a like new complete in box Commodore Plus4.   Not even sure what to do with it, but it sure is purty!

I also have an in-box Plus4, and it was pretty much dirt cheap.  It was useless when new, and is still.  But I bought it anyways.


I have no regrets in my decision NOT to buy the SX-64.  Those are cool, but the price was too high.  Frankly, the C64 is kind of an odd duck.  Lots of great software, but the disk access (even with an SD card disk replacement) is just absurdly slow. 

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