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Help Me Identify This Handheld

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I recently found a picture from my Thanksgiving, 1987.


That Thanksgiving is memorable as I spent it at my cousin's in New Jersey. They had a sweet finished basement where we spent many hours playing the NES (mainly Pro Wrestling).


However, according to this image, that wasn't the only game being played.


I don't recall ever seeing this or playing it but I'm curious as to what it is. I'm not sure if anyone can tell based on this crappy image, but if anyone can, it will be someone here.  :)


(Lower right)


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Wow. It's really hard to tell from that angle. Looks to be long, slender and red.

Is there any more to the image or any memories you have that might help identify it?

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Oh man, optical illusion had me completely fooled too!  It absolutely looks like a poster (or something) rolled up and laying on the table, but... it's something red and fairly flat being held, turned toward the person to the right of the photographer.


Edit: OR it's a rolled up poster laying on the table.  :D


Edit #2: Okay, I'm going with rolled up poster.  Look at its faint shadow/reflection on the table, especially as it cuts the film box's white reflection.

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