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Nintendo is Discontinuing the NES Classic Edition

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Due out for Christmas 2018..............




Nintendo 64 Mini Classic!

Would be great but sadly that article is nothing but assumption and clickbait. :(  And honestly N64 emulation has not been the greatest even on PC so a plug-n-play based on N64 for would be a surprise even from Nintendo who for some reason have  themselves seemingly been reluctant to revisit the N64 platform. I would not even consider this being a possibility until a Snes classic Mini is selling and even then I would not bet on it.  


THAT SAID if their "prediction" come to fruition this is one I would actually like to get! Nes / Snes have soooo many ways to emulate well those did nit really interest me, the NES Classic mini would have been great with the hack to add hundreds of roms but otherwise I was not really interested personally. Now N64? A sweet bundle of games on a mini version of that console if they were well emulated (I would expect no less from Nintendo) would be something I would actually consider. 

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