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In need of some major help? Should i buy?

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So last night I was hunting around on Craigslist and came across an ad for a bunch of different arcade cabs. They were priced at $125 each (untested). It was late at night so i didnt text the person i just wrote down the number.


I wake up this morning and i cant find the ad. So i text the number and the person says all the ones in the ad were sold and they deleted the ad.


But they said they still have a few ms. pacman and an original pacman $125 each untested.


What would you do? Would you buy one?

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Sounds like a gamble.


You'll have to use your senses to determine how honest this person is.  Are they simply too busy and just want to be rid of these things?  Will they let you plug them in before buying? 


The fact that the others sold is a good sign.  That could mean another collector checked them out and thought they were OK or at least repairable.


Good luck!

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I say take the chance (if I am not too late). At that price you can do a few things, over time restore the cab to original working condition and it should still be much cheaper than if you purchased one working. Or if anything you have an ICONIC cab design to make a MAME out of.


Best of luck bud!!!!

Nope youre not too late looks like im going tomorrow to look at it. They're telling me now that they have to work all day today Edited by jmjustin6
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