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Picked up a boxed Inty! Check it out!

Kid A

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So during the chaos that has been my life the last few weeks, I managed to hit up an event on a day I actually had off, and I picked up a few things about a couple weeks ago. One was this boxed intellivision.




I got a pretty good deal on it and I was happy with my purchase.


The unit is very very clean with just one small scuff in the console.




It's a very nice looking console.

But check out the back!




Picked up a promotional use only console!

Does anybody know if these were like store demo units or something? Does it increase value? Even if it doesn't, I'm still pretty happy with my purchase!

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Thats awesome, man!


I'm not sure if it would increase the value much being that it seems like a standard model 1 with an extra sticker, but it sure is cool to have!


Is this your first INTV?

I picked it up being that it was boxed and how clean the console is. It being a promotional console was just an added bonus.


This is actually my second intellivision console. I don't know what I'm going to do with my 1st one yet. I'll probably keep it and use it for the one I play on

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