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Is anyone collecting the McDonald's Mario toys?


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So after stoping at McDonald's yesterday and picking up one of the mario toys i couldnt help myself, so i went to others and got some more.


There are 8 in total and i have gotten 4 so far. You dont need to buy a happy meal you can just ask for the toy. Im not sure yet if im gonna open them or not either.


Now price is a little strang. In my area they seem to either be $1.81 or $2 for each toy. Although ive seen people on facebook say they have gotten for as low as 94 cents each.


What have i learned from all of this? Well there are waaay too many McDonald's in a 2 mile radius of my house. I didnt really seem to notice before this.


So are yall gonna go out and get these toys?



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I caved and got the Princess and Invincible Mario off eBay. I got the Princess and Bowser for 4 bucks shipped, which wasn't too bad actually, even though we already had a Bowser. Invincible Mario on the other hand seems to be more popular; the best I could get was 4.50 shipped, and that was after I worked the seller down with Make An Offer (he wanted 6 shipped initially).


How much is everyone's local McD's charging for the toys? The ones in my area only charge a buck a toy, but I've heard of some areas charging 2 dollars a toy. It would certainly explain some of the eBay pricing I've seen as well.

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