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Rhayader Computer's Vintage Atari Mouse Mat Collection


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Hello everybody,


Firstly I couldn't let this pass on the opportunity to share with you all a very special collection of Selective and fantastic collection of Atari  related merchandise and one in which I have had an honour and collaboration in helping to design an exclusive set of vintage atari mouse mats I guarantee you simply will not find anywhere else other than from Rhayader Computers. All previews were rendered by Rhayader Computers and composited into the previews below by Darren Doyle a.k.a. (Greyfox™).


So it's with great pleasure I present to you all here the.......




First up in the Atari 8-bit range Collection One


These Mouse mats are printed on the highest quality of Mouse mat Fabric-covered rubber backed 5mm thick 250x190 print is 300dpi dye sub and not on a plastic laminate mouse mat to you find on the likes of eBay, James Grayson founder and owner of Rhayader Computers has vast knowledge & experience over many years in perfecting very high-quality products of this nature and guarantees 100% quality on all his mouse mats and even has a personal customisation service if there is something you haven't seen on their website it can be made for you. This collection of Mouse mats were exclusively created by James and myself for the Atari Community as we felt that Atari vintage branding deserved to be showcased in the manner from my painstakingly Atari 400 keyboard layout mat design as created from scratch and exclusively only available at Rhayader Computers and nowhere else on the internet these can only be got from us.


The Atari 8-bit range Collection Two


Again as you can see from these reviews to which does not do the Mouse mats justice in real life, James has perfected his art in both creating these designs and bringing them into reality for those who love the Atari Brand and what it stood for back in the 1970's to the 1980's & 90's. As you can see we both have recreated the likes of the box art of the Atari 130xe and an informative Atari 800xl spec mouse mat to liven up your desktop, So do yourself a favour and get on board today!.


The Atari 16-bit range Collection One



As you would expect a natural progression to the wonderful Atari 16 bit era, covering the Atari ST range of machines for those that owned one from my design of the actual Atari 1040ST box art the computer came in including strips and all :). to the Atari Ste computer and beyond, these are very nice to look at and even better to have in physical form, we spend a lot of time planning these mouse mat designs out and making them a reality for all Atari fans to own and enjoy only at Rhayader Computers.


The Atari 16-bit and Fuji range Collection Two


If it is a case to where you simply love the original and wonderful iconic Atari Fuji logo we have you covered with more designs presently in production and will be added to the website as they are created. but wait this is not all we have to offer, did I mention that Rhayader Computers also do many different formats other than Atari? or that we also produce video game related mouse mats across a range of computer platforms and consoles? well, we all love our vintage games, don't we? well, what about something like this our very own exclusive mouse mat?



Now that you have seen a very small selection of this wonderful reto gaming related mouse mats..comes the dreaded part of how much do these cost? does this include free shipping? do you ship around the world etc?, Are these guys reliable and trustworthy?. Well to make it easy all round the below graphic should answer all your question in this regard.


Now the trustworthy part...I myself have gained the respect of the Atari community after producing many Atari related stuff like the Atari Gamer magazine series which can be seen over at www.atarigamer.co.uk and have a great following on many Atari related and retro gaming related facebook pages and groups, I'm also resident designer over at www.retrovideogamer.co.uk which I help support many great products and projects from all walks of the retro gaming community and with this being no exception in helping create awareness to Atari fans and retro gaming fans in general about Rhayader Computers and their great products and also the ones they have planned later in the year which are simply going to blow people away..believe me..I've seen some of it and it is simply awesome. James service is fast, effective and professional in delivering high-quality merchandise to YOU the fans, so I hope you show some interest in these.


Disclaimer : As these mouse mats are being sold with Atari branding in mind from a vintage period, it is important that James Grayson, Rhayader Computers acknowledge the copyright ownership of Atari Inc.whom hold the right to the Atari fuji logo™ and generalisation of the Atari™ brand, therefore, the mouse mats are sold under the pretence of "mouse mat blanks" to which you the customer are purchasing, the imagery contained on the mouse mat is given freely and not a chargeable item.  


With these mouse mats being handcraft and printed we urge people interested in purchasing a favorite mouse mat of their choice not simply claim they will order one and not follow through, these items have now become high demand items on an order basis and we please ask that no TIME WASTERS initially commit and then don't follow through with their order..thank you all for your understanding. Please Visit Rhayader Computers over at.



Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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Would be nice if they were available on this side on the pond............ :(

Brian Matherne - owner/curator of "The MOST comprehensive list of Atari VCS/2600 homebrews ever compiled." http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew

author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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