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Atari 5200 Guy

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Those look pretty cool. Even if you don't have a record player those would look cool in those record frames that let you hang your favorite records on the wall like you would a picture. Why isn't Atari doing more stuff like this to celebrate their classic games? 

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Those are incredible! =D Now when are we going to get the Tempest 2000 soundtrack on Vinyl ;-)

OH man! Now we're talkin'! I wonder why they are not doing any pre-16 bit stuff? I mean the NES did have games with very impressive musical works. I'd buy Mega Man 2 soundtrack on vinyl. There are others but that one sticks with me the most.

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Well...maybe we will get Tempest 200 OST on vinyl.  Fingers crossed!  I made the suggestion to Data Discs and got this message back in an email:


"Hey Michael,


Thanks for the request. I must admit, it's not one we're familiar with but we'll check it out!


Best Regards.




So there may be some hope.

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