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Memories of playing Atari with your Mom (Happy Mother's Day!)


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:pole_position_blimp_big:  Happy Mother's Day! 


Today is a special day and I thought we could celebrate here in the forums by sharing memories of playing (or getting!) Atari games with our Mom. Our Moms were there for much of our Atari memories, probably making sure we had lunch while we played our games, looking after our friends who came over to play, taking us to Chuck E. Cheese's or to the toy store, or giving us that one magical present on our birthdays. What are your Atari memories with your Mom?


I clearly remember playing Pole Position II with my Mom at home on my 7800. It was the pack-in game and was the first game we played that day after getting the 7800 set up (which felt like a huge accomplishment back then!) and it kind of became "our game" after that. She used to end up driving on the grass lol. She still brings that up and we laugh about that to this day.



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Mom never played a video game in her life.   That being said, she understood that we loved them.   She would do her research to find out if the arcades were too seedy for her liking, if not she would take us and come back and pick us up later.    She would also let us go wild in the mall arcade while her and my grandma shopped.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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My mom also never played a video game even once, but she supported our habit. 


I used to visit my mom at her work downtown after school sometimes.  It usually included her giving me a few quarters and I'd walk down to one of the bigger department stores that had Atari displays and a small arcade. 


Happy mother's day, everyone! :wub:

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My mother was my best friend, period. She loved Centipede and would sometimes play Joust. Frogger was another of her favorites. I don't know how much she said she love our 5200 and that she was glad she didn't get the VCS. She didn't like the way her favorite games looked on the wood grain system we all know and respect today.


I actually setup Centipede hoping the game would start playing itself to let me know the Mom was here. It never did and I really didn't expect it to. I love my Atari stuff and gaming in general regardless of branding. I'd give it all up just to see her again if even for a few minutes.


Those that say it gets easier are not telling the full truth. Some days are easier than others but not a day goes by I don't miss her. I have my Atari systems to help keep those memories alive and well. It may be why I cling to Atari more than the others.


Those that still have their Mothers better love them and do the things you want to do with them while you got them. You will regret not doing those things when it's too late.

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