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Interesting Video About ET and the Video Game Crash of '83


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It was a good little watch. I knew I would get pissed over the E.T. hate/blame. I think video games have gone beyond the point of a true "crash" happening again. It could be a good thing if it does though. Just my opinion.

I actually thought the video did a rather good job of dismissing the tall tales of E.T. being the only factor that caused the crash.

E.T. wasn't the cause, but it was undoubtedly a symptom of the troubled waters ahead, and a sign that not all was well in the house that Atari built.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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Interesting video. I will say that there are a lot of games today across multiple platforms and operating systems. However most of those games are in a digital download format and only a small percentage of those games seem to be in physical form. The saturation seems to be in the digital copies as there are a LOT of "me too" games. Most are free but it's still too many in a market that is repeating what Atari learned in the first crash. Whether or not a crash will happen is yet to be seen but should be expected. I also doesn't help the market when publishers like Steam hold sells where games are marked down in a similar fashion as brick and mortar stores did during the '83 crash.

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