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Twin Peaks


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Twin Peaks begins anew tonight on Showtime at 9pm EST with the premiere of "Season 3" and the first new episode in over 25 years. This show influenced everything from LOST to Sopranos to Stranger Things. Twin Peaks is tied as my "favorite show ever" and I cannot tell you how much of a dream come true it is to see my favorite show returning to television with so much of the original cast and crew involved. I can remember nights in 1990, playing the games that we now talk about in the forums, waiting for a new episode of Twin Peaks to begin and wondering "Who Killed Laura Palmer?"


Was anybody else here a fan of Twin Peaks during it's original run, or looking forward to the return?



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Agreed! Twin Peaks is one of the best television series ever!


I was around when it launched and - having been intrigued by David Lynch's dreamzone output - I taped it to watch later.

Turns out to have been the best decision I could make, as that weird and wonderful experience of the pilot would be a place I'd jump back into over and over again.

I continued to tape the series, which aired while I was at work, (only to find out the show had been pre-empted on one evening for football and I missed one!) and would dive into its mad logic in the wee hours of the night.


I mention recording the show because these tapes would become treasure, as years later, I introduced some good friends to the series and we'd talk endlessly about the journey it took us on.


The mystery itself was great, but somehow you could feel the resolve was not the endpoint.

By the time that llama stopped and stared at Coop, you were sold on wherever this show would go.


I was one of the sorely disappointed viewers who watched that 2nd season cliffhanger knowing the show had been cancelled.


Nonetheless, I appreciated Lynch and his dreamscape and returned to it over and over again.


This third season...I barely have words for how great and inspiring it is to see Lynch return to form, get his hands dirty and lead us all back into a world beyond logic, where nightmares and angels co-exist, where

we can lose ourselves once again to this soothing madness that feels so right.


It's the best thing ever!

And now I wanna dive back into Lynch's work and appreciate his genius all over again.

Fire Walk With Me just gets better with time - and those lost scenes add spice to the mix.


The new show feels like we being reintroduced to Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and all of Lynch's dreams. Not as an imitation, but as an epic homage to this long, strange and exciting trip we've been on with his work.


eh, I feel I'm repeating myself.

But I don't know that many Lynch fans anymore.

Seems with older generations (even from back then) that appreciation of strangeness has been lost or is worrisome.

It's so cool to have this thread right here for this purpose!


Thanks Justin!

And I'd really love to hear what everyone thinks of the new show, the original show, any of his movies for that matter.


Don't let talks of 2nd season disappointments turn you away.

It was never about the plot.

It's all in the journey.

And what a ride it's been!


And we're getting a new road trip back to these roots as a reward for sticking around!



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It's been long enough, I've watched The Return front to end twice now. I think it is brilliant and one of Lynch's best works. I know it didn't give some people what they wanted, much like Fire Walk With Me, which I love as well. Pure Lynch at his finest. I'll admit I've spent endless hours on Twin Peaks fan pages trying to make sense of parts of it. I'm just glad it even happened. I'll be watching it again from front to end. "And may the road rise up to meet your wheels."  


 "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."

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