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Hello Zap! Welcome! I'm glad MaximumRD sent you here! He's a great guy with great vids and I'm glad he's bringing in good people into the forums. I've found it to be a very warm and welcoming place, a small community filled with bright minds and dedicated retro gamers. What is Zap! about I've never heard of it? You should post a link  ;)​ 

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Thanks for the welcome! Yes, MaximumRD is awesome. I love all of his videos!


Anyway, I founded Zap! in 1991 at age 18, where it began as a newsletter. It focused heavily on classic gaming, which which wasn't even that old back in 1991. Today Zap! is a website, forum board, Facebook Page and Group (even MySpace and Twitter, but I never check them anymore). I didn't wanna post any links yet (because new users usually get accused of trolling), but since you asked... :)



Main Zap! Website


Zap! Classic Video Game Forums


Zap! Facebook Page


Zap! Facebook Group

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