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The C64 Power Saver cable


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I want to give a huge thumbs up to the Ray Carlsen "Power Saver" cable that's available for the C64.  It's a short dongle that goes between the C64 power brick and the C64 console.  If the power supply is good, the light on the dongle lights green and everything is good.  But if the 5V line is running high, the LED is red and no power goes to the computer.  A high 5V line can destroy chips on the board.  What's bad is that it could go high at any time, and you'd never know until your computer starts to die. 


In my case, I tested a power adapter I was going to include with a C64 trade for a forum member here...and it immediately gave a red light!  I like to think we saved a C64 with this cable. 


I paid $35 + $8 shipping for the cable, and I'm so glad I did.  Google search Ray Carlsen Power Saver to learn more and where to order. 


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by RickR for anyone using a Commodore 64.



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A project to share:  I took the broken C64 power adapter, cut off the cable, and then soldered in two modern switching power adapters.  One 5VDC, and one 9VAC.  It was pretty easy, and it works great now.  I figure if I could do it, others could too.  I did shrink tube the individual wires, but didn't have big enough shrink wrap for the outer wires.  So I just used duct tape.  I know it doesn't look that great, but it should be a lot safer than the original.







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