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I was talking with BTB tonight about the 720° arcade game from Atari, as well as the port for Atari Lynx. BTB sent me a link to "720° Zone" and I thought I'd share it here. If you liked 720° this is a great website full of resources on how to buy, own, and restore 720° arcade machines. If you've ever played 720° or never played 720° this is worth checking out. I really enjoyed looking through this tonight.


Their main site is here: http://www.720zone.com/


And their story is here: http://www.720zone.com/720-Zone-Collection.html






720° Zone Arcade Walkthrough







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I have 3 cabinets that I hope to come across some day - Crystal Castles, Space Harrier and 720. One ove these day I might have one, or all. Plus I got to fine that Jaguar kiosk, you know that would look amazing for the show in the background.

Host of The Jag Bar • Lynx Lounge  7800 Avenue

:youtube: Watch now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhPvmALbHpBUqrbBOms5Vw

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