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For some reason it keeps being alleged that this thing is made by a company unrelated to Atari that got their hands on the trademark and wants to milk it, like the "Commodore Android phone". Where is this company? Can you point to this mysterious third party? Unless I'm out of the loop, the Atari trademark still solely belongs to Infrogrames. So unless you think that "Infogrames is not Atari" (which would be wrong), I have no idea how this allegation is supposed to make sense.

Infogrames is not "making" this ;)  Mysterious 3rd party? Nothing mysterious about it. The man behind ATARIBOX is Feargal Mac, he is literally in charge and he is known for shoddy products and past crowd funding failures. He acquired the rights to make this project and use the Atari brand. There are extended discussions about it on several forums, sites, videos etc. The info is easily found for anyone making simple search efforts. Just one quick example of one of the first things found googling Feargal Mac Ataribox -



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I don't think that saying a company or individual unrelated to Atari making this is at all wrong, it's fact. Atari themselves are absolutely not making this.


Thus, leads most to the idea of wanting to milk the Atari name with this device because it can also doesn't seem false. We've known about this thing for what... 6 months now at least and not a single exclusive game (or otherwise for that matter) has been mentioned or shown on it? Then, a single joystick with single button is then displayed but with no further information as to if this is going to be the sole controller with the unit or if it's going to cost additional and even so, outside of the Atari classics which you can get in multiple variants on multiple platforms, what is that going to be used for?


I still can't get over the fact that they were going to take $300 pre-orders on this thing merely a week before Christmas. As Skylar best said it: "Ouch!"

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Long time no see!


Yes, meanwhile i am very sceptical about this strange box. I also think there is a lack of detailed information. If these box  is a pooch, this would be definitely the final headshot for any form of an Atari company. Honestly, this fact makes me really sad, because this would be a more than unworthy end for a company, which taught us to dream of a fantastic future.

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