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Hello From Scottsdale, Arizona


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I am a big fan of Atari and not just Atari. I am also a fan of Chuck E. Cheese's, Creative Engineering, Microsoft, Apple, 90's Nickelodeon, Furby, Retro Video Games, Nintendo and Sega. Now enough of me talking about my interests. I'll tell you how I got into Atari. When I was younger going into Walmart and looking at all the cool games out there really interested me. I found an Atari Flashback in the game section and I knew it was something my dad would bring up sometimes. One day I asked my dad what it was like playing with Atari and he said it was great. He had a full collection of games and one Atari 8 Bit computer that he used for years. When the NES came out he was never a big fan of it and he ended up getting the XE instead. Lot's of years went buy and he started to loose interest but never completely got rid of his collection. He says it might still be left in his parent's house in New York and we might try looking for it this summer. My other interests will also take time to explain so I just chose Atari for today.

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