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Microsoft Uses AI to beat Atari 2600 Ms. Pac-Man

GRay Defender

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Looks like Microsoft has better player AI than the last company that tried this with Atari games.

ATARI FLASHBACK BASIC! Make games for the AFP with awesome  graphics, animation and a built in tracker/sequencer! Compatible with all Atari consoles! The IDE is already installed on your PC! Atari Flashback BASIC is cross compatible with the SuperCharger too! :)

AFB games can be recompiled with no changes using the SuperCharger BASIC compiler, available at Relationalframework.com/vwBASIC

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An article on Wired completely screwed up the facts:




The VCS version wasn't released until February 1983, nearly a full year after the arcade version was released (March 1982).  


I rolled the score on this over 20 years ago, using a trick I discovered:



Twin Galaxies shows a high score of over 2 million from Ron Corcoran, but most - if not all - of Corcoran's VCS scores are bogus since he entered all his own scores in Twin Galaxies database while acting as a TG referee, meaning there's no proof (video/photos/witnesses) to back up this or any other score of his.

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