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Hi! from the peninsula Bayonne, NJ

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After loosing 100% of my collection when Sandy came, I'm slowly rebuilding. Currently have 1 Woody 6 buttons, 2 vaders( well one the other is my experiment board) with just the titles of my childhood. I Also have an Odyssey 2 with 90% completion, Ti 994/a my first computer with a few carts, Atari 800 again with a few carts ( I had an 800xl, 65xe & 130xe prior to Sandy) and a few misc 80's pieces like a PS/2 model 30 & model 50z.


I've also been building mini game playing systems and recently my facination with the Altair 8800 (built the arduino version).


I'm a father of three great kids married to a wonderful wife who lets me put my toys in display for all ;)




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Welcome to the Atari I/O Forums nolram!! Our members here have honestly been the most awesome classic gamers you could find. Everyone is friendly and trusting and it's led to some great trades, fun events, retro junk boxes, and lots more. Everybody is here because they really want to be, and it's resulted in a great community. I hope you enjoy your time here!   :wreck-it-ralph:

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