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Fun day at six flags today

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This ome im not too proud of. They had these giant mario stuffed toys (toad, mario, luigi, and DK). You had to win the game to get one. Bounce a basket ball off a bouncy backboard into a net. I spent $20 ($2 a game) and came out empty handed.


Later i found the same mario toys in a claw machine and threw some more money in it and still nothing to show for it


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That's cool. They don't have that in the NJ park. That's one cool thing about the Six Flags parks, they are not all the same. I should go to the one in Georgia at some point.

If youre a DC comic fan youd like it the hole park just got a DC makeover. DC everywhere. But i might say stay away from the wooden rides they are from the 80s and are getting rough

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Looks like an awesome time jmjustin! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure  :balloon_fight:

I second this.  This is a great post. 


The ride-through video of the mansion is really fun.  Your phone does video very well, especially given the low light. 


Sadly, we have nothing like this here because the weather can be iffy most of the year. 

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