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Stargate - working Atari 5200 Prototype

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here is my Atari 5200 Stargate prototype for your enjoyment. this is an official original prototype that came out of atari and is not a reproduction game. this is what Stargate would have been had atari put it out in 1984. enjoy,










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The 2600 version looks almost as good.


agreed. the game is not as smooth as defender on the 8-bit/5200, its a bit rugged and jerky.



Huge thanks for sharing.


you are welcome.



Why don't I have this? Why don't you have this? Why didn't Atari RELEASE this and so many others they had done for the 5200??? Why, why, why?


this problem goes back even further than the typical jack t. antics.



That looks very nice! Too bad it was not released.


it should have been. it was a natural for the 5200 joysticks.



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