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Quarterworld in Portland, OR


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My son and I visited Quarterworld, an arcade here in Portland today.  Their web site:  http://quarterworldarcade.com/


Here's how it works.  You pay a cover to get in.  It's normally $3, but we lucked in to "Happy Hour", which made the admission $1 each.  All of the games operate on quarters.  No tokens.  Most games are $0.50.  Fancier ones are $0.75 or $1.  There are change machines and ATM's there.  Also, if you're over 21, they give you a bracelet so you can get an adult beverage. 


As far as games go, they have a LOT.  From classics to new stuff.  Pinball too.  The building used to be a theater, so there is a lot of space.  I played some classics (Tron, Donkey Kong, Punch Out, Tempest) and some newer games too.  Probably the coolest thing I played was a Star Wars game that involves sitting in a little sphere with the screen wrapping around you and encompassing your whole field of vision.  Very immersive.  That one was $1.  I also played several pinball games.  They also had a big screen Pac Man / Galaxian. 


Overall, we probably spent 90 minutes there, and about $20 for the two of us, which is a pretty good deal for so much fun. 


The only complaint we have is that the games are too quiet -- the volumes are set too low.  On Tron, you could barely hear any of the music or sounds, and that's really a shame. 


And finally, here are a few pics I took.  Sorry, I really suck at using a smart-phone camera. 












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I love that these are becoming a thing now.   When we do Retropalooza in Arlington, I'll be visiting their new Free Play location.  


Looks to be a killer retrocade, lots of beers, and tasty pub foods. :)

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Thanks! Much better


On my PC, they were right side up, but posted sideways. Did you have to do something other than a rotate?


You are quite welcome! I wondered if there was a way I could rotate them in place but if there is I have no idea, so I downloaded the sideways ones to my desktop, they appeared sideways even in the thumbnail, I just opened MSoffice Picture Manager, rotated to upright position and saved over original. After that the thumbnails also appeared upright. 


I know images can be weird, I have a program that allows me to right click on the thumbnail of an image and choose to rotate left or right, they always look fine according to the thumbnail after that but when actually opening to view they are not always corrected lol. Honestly, I get nervous editing the structure of anyone's post so I was totally prepared to hit CANCEL if I could not correct them lol. 

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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Quarterworld looks like the place to go in Portland. How does it compare to other arcades in the area?

The king of arcades here is called Ground Kontrol, which just expanded in size.  Ground Kontrol has a lot more games, but it's downtown and harder to get to and find parking.  In any case, you can't go wrong with either.  These are both REAL arcades without the kids gambling/ticket games. 

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