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Hot Wheels


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I've been watching some of these too. I was searching for a Hot Wheels car that belonged to my mom when she was little that ended up in my toy box as a child and I ended up on his channel. I didn't know there was an entire community out there dedicated to restoring toy cars like this. I felt like I had just made first contact with another retro community that I didn't know had existed. It's pretty fascinating to watch.

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Some time has gone by and suddenly YouTube started suggesting baremetalHW videos to me. I could swear I just saw a post on this in the forums but apparently it's been almost two years? I clicked on this first video and went down the rabbit hole! I'm not a Hot Wheels collector although I loved playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars as a kid, and these restorations  are remarkable! This looks like an interesting hobby.

Here's the first video I watched recently, baremetalHW restores this vintage Hotwheels Corvette Stingray which was completely trashed. It's incredible watching him restore this vintage car and save it from the trash. I'll share a few more below that I really enjoyed!


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This video is interesting because he creates moulds and casts new wheels and tires to replace old ones for his restoration. This vintage toy car is a little different, it's a 1:43 scale Corgi brand car as opposed to Hot Wheels or Matchbox, and is slightly larger. It's of a 1959 Ford Thunderbird. The windshield needed restored, the paint was chipping off and the wheels and tires were cracked, but overall the car was in good shape to be rescued.


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