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Entex Adventurevision

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Oh WOW! I was just searching out info on the Adventure Vision! In certain aspects, it reminds me of the Atari Cosmos and Atari Spectre tabletop systems that were being readied in 1981. Lots of "smoke and mirrors" so to speak.


Congratulations on your find!! I'd love to see more of your system, Zap! Would you be willing to post a YouTube video?


There were only four games in development at the time, that I know of. They consist of Space Force (Asteroids clone), Defender, Turtles (Pac-Man style game), and Super Cobra. However, there was a home brew game demoed about a year ago, called Code Red.



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I did hear about that homebrew called Code Red. Wish they would somehow make it into a game to be sold. I really wish I could do an interview with any of the original Adventurevision or even a boss who was in charge. Considering the time it makes to make a game, they had to at least have had a couple talked about in 1982. Unless maybe they only intended it to have the four original games? I'm skeptical, but having four cartridge holders on top of the system kinda makes you go hmm...


As for a YouTube video, I always wanted a cool Channel, but don't think I have the talent. Then again, who knows? I never tried acting. :) I can post more pics though if you like.

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I've only read bits and pieces on the Adventurevision (I think the rarity of the thing might be the reason for such little available info)

Really cool to see a bit more info on this holy grail of collecting.  I for one would love to see more pictures and maybe some reviews of the games! 


I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally made a video of the system and games that I own. Enjoy, and feel free to subscribe to my new Channel as well! :)


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