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The great Doom laptop project

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This all started due to a P'Tach on facebook.  He asked if anyone had a really old laptop for sale.  I did.  A really nice Toshiba 486 laptop in pristine condition.  The battery still holds a charge.  His idea was to use the old laptop to play the old floppy disk based games.  Most notably, DOOM. 


The dude turned out the be a major flake.  I took a bunch of pictures, answered a bunch of questions, agreed to a price, and then....nothing.  No "sorry, I changed my mind" (which would have been fine).  No response at all.  Cowardly flake.  What is wrong with people?


So now, I'm stealing his idea.  I think it might be kind of cool.  I plan on installing Doom and whatever classic games I can find on this thing and reporting here how it works.  The only issue -- I threw out all those games eons ago.  I'll do a googlo search, but maybe someone here can more quickly direct me to a download area for Doom (and other game) floppy images.  The idea is to actually create the floppy disks and load them onto the laptop that way. 


Who wants to help a brother out?




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Sounds like you are doing a similar thing that I've been trying to do with a Compaq Armada laptop.  I've going here:




...to find old games I once owned.  I don't support piracy but if it is really abandoned then I don't see an issue.  Otherwise I would hunt them down on Ebay, Amazon, or ShopGoodwill.

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