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A picture of our 80's TV!

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In cleaning up my parents' house, I've got the unenviable task of looking through their thousands of photographs and deciding what to keep.  It's exhausting.  Then, out of nowhere, comes this gem.  It's a picture of my mom and dad all gussied up...but off to the right of the frame, it's our old TV setup!  I went ahead and cropped it to the good stuff. 


Please note it's a console TV.  And what's on at that moment?  Star Trek!  Check out that VCR.  I don't know why or how, but my normally cheap father sprung for one of the smallest VCR's available.  It was an RCA, and it lasted forever.  We didn't normally get to play Atari on this TV (the dreaded fear of harming that valuable TV), but once in a while, when I was sick, I did, and it was AWESOME.




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I couldn't find any pictures of our Atari 2600 set up from the glory days...but here is the room in the basement it resided in (all cleaned up). 


In that back right corner, there was a two-tiered, wheeled TV stand.  19" Sampo color TV on top shelf, Atari on the bottom.  There was a bookcase on that right wall that housed all the boxes from the games (sadly, those got thrown out years ago).  The floor had a grey area rug. 




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