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Arcade Proposed In My Area!


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I would suspect that it is hard to find arcades at all any more no matter how old they are.  I also believe a lot of it has to do with regulations and what the building was zoned for.  Those can play huge factors in what comes in to a community.  Whatever reason kept it from materializing it's a shame it never came to be.  

The only arcade I've ever seen in our area is a Fast and Furious racing game at Wal-Mart.  I seen the machine give an error message, and one that we all should be familiar with.  Windows had crashed!  Yep, the arcade was nothing more than a common PC with a common operating system dedicated to running the game.  Most likely a MAME system or something similar.  So, nothing special there.  No dedicated hardware of any kind other than the controls on the cab.

I have often told my wife that starting an arcade would be something I'd like to do.  But I would want the older games and pinball machines, all of which are hard to come by now.  What's left has either become part of someone's collection or long since destroyed.  Then again, from knowing about a past arcade business, they can be prone to drawing in the wrong crowd as well.  Maybe that played a part in this arcade not becoming a reality.

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I guess we are very lucky here in Portland, OR.  We have two premier arcades (Ground Kontrol and QuarterWorld) and a few smaller ones too.  For whatever reason, we have a huge community of retro-gamers in this area. 

I'll cross my fingers that your local arcade is just waiting to overcome one last roadblock to becoming reality. 

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I hope so too.

It was a struggle in this area during the heydays of arcades. I missed out on soooo much because it was tough to get to one.

Being 8, 9 & 10 years old in 1981, '82 & '83 (as opposed to say 13, 14 & 15) limited my time, as I had to rely on my parents to bring me. 

Even still, in this area, there were only two that I was aware of. I think I had more exposure to arcade games (which FASCINATED me) from pizza places and bowling alleys. (And Silver Spoons.)

One day I will own my own & not an Arcade 1UP knock-off. :arcade:

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