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Ultimate Pong for Intellivision Review

GRay Defender

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You did a great job reviewing it, but I gotta be honest.  When they first posted about this on that other Atari site, I thought it was a joke. 

I can see I was wrong, and there was a demand for it...but they could not have possibly picked something less interesting to me.   And then to charge $60?  I can get a vintage pong machine for less than that. 

I'm definitely open to the idea of getting some homebrews after I get my original release collection where I want it, but my attention is drawn to some of the new, creative titles people come up with.

Truth be told, Atari's homebrew community seems to be the most original, creative bunch.   Most of what I see for INTV and Colecovision are just ports.

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Your review is great.  And the game looks good with so many variations. 


That target pong game was one of my favorites on our original Pong machine back in the 70's. This version, though, has the one player version with a computer controlled opponent....that looks AWESOME!  Because boy was it boring playing 1 player with no opponent. 


It's always nice to see new Intellivsion games that are made so well. 

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