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Shouldn't the picture say "8/7c Daily" or "8/7c Everyday" and not weeknights? "Weeknights" implies Monday thru Friday only.....right?


So think of the chat room like a television. And on that television can be different programming. Different TV shows, movies, sitcoms, news, sports, events…


In the 1950s when TV was brand-new not all of the networks had programming every night of the week. It took a little while to get to that point. That's kind of where we're at now.


This past year has mostly only been one night of "programming", which was Wednesday Night Atari Chat, essentially a retro gaming chat room with a Trivia event and a prize. We also had a different event Saturdays in March when we let greenween host Saturday Night Chat and had "High Score Halftime".


We've now expanded Wednesday Night Atari Chat to be five nights a week. That means a Moderator-led chat (usually) every weeknight starting at 8/7c. Hopefully you can spend your weeknights hanging out with us in the chat room while you're watching late-night TV or winding down for the night.


There are other "programs" we'd like to do too, just like different shows come on TV different nights. We'll have something else going on in the chat room on Saturday nights. But it won't be a normal "Late Night Atari Chat", it will be called something else and will have a totally different event tied to it. When this happens, it would likely receive its own graphic saying "Saturdays at 9/8c"


One day I would love to have enough "programs" to have something different and very interactive going on every night of the week. Just as you have different shows on TV every night, we would have a different "program" and affiliated event happening in the forums every night. That's the idea.


The chat room is open every night, regardless of what's going on, and we cordially invite all of you to join us! :Howard_Scott_Warshaw:

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