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Atari 2600 "Defend Your Castle"


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I just wanted to share this one.  The ROM file is available for free here:




The game is great -- very similar to "Smithereens" on the Odyssey 2 (but no voice :( ).  I tried the game and it's a lot of fun with 2 players. 


I decided to purchase a real copy of the game.  Why?  Because it's really affordable and that deserves to be supported.  How many times have we seen a homebrew that's over $50?  This one is only about $18 shipped from the Netherlands!  It only comes with a ROM board and stickers -- you have to provide a cart shell.  I think that's really cool if that's all it takes to keep it so affordable. 


Credit where credit is due -- I discovered all this from this John Hancock video:




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