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Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders video Review

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I like that Ivory Tower.

Yes, the Never Ending Story was and has always been a large influence in my life. Look at my avatar pic? I even have a painting done by a local artist of Falkor from the movie that hangs above the door to my game room. Every single computer I've built that I use personally at home since I built my first PC back in '96 have been called Ivory Tower with my network domain named "Fantasia".


I like the idea the movie presents wherein everyone's imagination and creativity forms the basis of the existence of a magic land. Or to put it another way, the creativity and imagination of every one of us, is what keeps creativity and imagination alive. Without these things we lose our uniqueness, invention, and ultimately...our humanity.


Okay..that got way deeper than it should have and way off topic so my apologies. 

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