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Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands on Jag CD - Jag Bar LIVE! Event

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Nice, BTB! I really like the live play!


A llittle harsh on HV:UL. :)


I'm curious, did you turn off the hovercraft settings? I always thought the game played better with slightly less bounce. HV:UL is an interesting addition to the Jaguar CD as it was essentially Leonard's attempt to show the world that the Jaguar could pull off a fully texture mapped game as well as the 3DO. In my view, it falls behind Battlemorph and I-War in the Jaguar's robust "tank game" category. Still, it's somewhat enjoyable and much better than the cart. Of course Skyhammer sets the bar for texture mapped Jaguar games.


Looking forward to more live play videos in the future!

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