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Looking For Portrait Animatronics (1977-1978)

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I heard that before the cyberamics in 1979 that there were the portrait bots on the stages. I've seen and helped discover a video of them on Amazon Video. Ever since I first joined the CEC fandom in late 2014 I was always trying to find out what happened to these portrait animatronics. I know there is one surviving G1 (Early 1977) Chuck that was also used as a prototype for a talking walkaround. There is also a G2 Chuck and Crusty (Late 1977) that a guy in Colorado owns. There was several other bots that are assumed to be destroyed but can't be confirmed at all. Heck most of didn't even know there was a G2 Crusty until 2012 so that means that there could be several other bots out there. If there are any former PTT employees here that know anything about how they did go away. I would like to know. One more thing to note is that they are made out of latex and fiberglass.


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