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Moving Your Collection

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So we are in the process of selling our house, and we're facing the big move soon... My collection is *significantly* larger than when we moved into our current place 11 years ago. 


What are some tips and tricks for moving your collection?


One thought I had was that, even if we get movers to help, that I would personally box up and transport my collection to the new place. I've heard way too many horror stories from people who lost items during moving, and I don't want to end up in one myself.


Any other tips or tricks?

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1) I wish I better labeled my boxes when I moved.

2) Use PLENTY of packing material. Wal-Mart plastic bags are good to use for small areas in the boxes. Newspaper & Bubble wrap can also work. When you shake a box, you don't want to here any movement.

3) I put all of the hookups of various systems in separate, marked zip lock bags and put them all in one box. This made packing the systems a whole lot easier since I didn't have to work around cords.

4) Some of my disc based games I packed laying on their backs to make it less likely that the discs would dislodge and get scratched during moving. Sometimes, I even put discs in a binder while moving and return them to their case later. 

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rubber bands


I kind of hate the thought of moving my collection and will appreciate the insight you have after the move. I have heard of family help getting rather fatigue and complaining about "moving so much junk" even if carefully boxed and labeled.


I help my family move across town and the DAY OF THE MOVE is the day they start packing  :wreck-it-ralph:  ... oh well 


do enjoy the day plan for pizza breaks "lets get this all loaded before the pizza arrives" -sorts thing , don't forget drinks :) 


congrats on the new place  :beer:

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I would box up belongings you don't want lost, damaged, or stolen, and transport those myself if you have the space in your vehicle or can rent a U-Haul. I wouldn't trust those to any moving company as they can be rough on things sometimes. All that some care about is getting from point A to point B for that paycheck. Not all of them do as my cousin is a cross country mover. And he does a good job. But things happen and he has had his trailer broke into while away from his truck at truck stops a few times. You do what you feel you can trust...but for me...there's no way in hell I would let someone else move my collection unless it was family or a friend I have known for a very long time. Well...scratch that last part...I forgot I had a friend of thirty years stab me in the back by sleeping with my first wife.


As for packing, I would use bubble wrap on systems and small stacks of boxed games. Loose games I would wrap about 15 of them together at a time. After that, wrap them all up in newspaper to conceal their true identity and box them up by systems. I would use some sort of abbreviation that only you and your family would recognize like GM for game machine or GR for game room followed by a number and then the total number of boxes you have like 2 of 5.


Knowing the way this world is these days it is difficult to trust others sometimes.

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