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EPCOT 35th Anniversary Merch


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Soarin' has been updated in The Land and it is no longer a California ride. It now takes you around the world and it is awesome!  Even better than before.  The new name is Soarin' Around the World.


Cool!  Looks like they've made the same change in California.  I'll have to brave the nausea and give it a try next time we are in Los Angeles. 

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Thanks for posting that video TrekMD.  This new version of Soarin looks great!  Fits the Epcot theme (international flavor and conservation) a lot better. 

I think I'll miss the "orange" smell portion of the ride a lot.  And it's hard to tell by the video, but it seems like the original score has been toned down a lot.  I really loved the original Mojave scene that included a very heavy cymbal/tamborine section. 


In any case, this looks like a great update to a very great ride. 

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I went to the park back in 1982 soon after it opened.  It was basically Tomorrowland as its own park.  I'll attach some photos.  I'm pretty sure I also still have a commemorative ticket from that trip.  The two CommuniCore centers under the sphere were totally amazing at the time.  I remember they had touchscreens in there to try.  Hard to imagine now, but at the time, that was truly sci-fi stuff :)  Innoventions replaced all that with video games, which was a real letdown (I walked in and walked right back out).  The hydroponics farm in The Land was something else far ahead of its time.  The rides were really rather 'weak' IMO (as a kid, it didn't take long to be bored with waiting in lines at various Epcot buildings, only to be bored by the ride itself).  There was nothing like Space Mountain, that's for sure.  By the time they added Test Track (an attempt to draw more visitors, but it was hardly Future World material), the park was really dated/neglected, and a lot of the stuff worth seeing was gone.  It was a shame because Epcot was always intended to be in constant 'flux' and updated as new technologies came along, and it just wasn't.   I think Horizons was boarded up at the time, and I remember walking around and seeing garbage in the various ponds, which was rather shocking for a Disney park.  Last time I was there was in 2001 and Horizons was gone so I haven't seen Mission: Space or any of the newer additions.


I'm also attaching an article I came across in the September 1982 issue of spectrum magazine about the park.



epcot - spectrum_sep82.pdf

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