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That ATARI Speaker hat lol.


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Well it is ATARI labeled after all so I guess that makes it a collectible? Truth is I don't wear hats, not a hat guy, this admittedly sucks as there sure have been a lot of hats / caps etc, I would LIKE to of considered over the years. Anyway I am sure most of you are aware of modern "ATARI" as of late (HINT THEY ARE NOT ATARI SO MUCH AS COPYRIGHT CHASERS LOOKING FOR FUNDING) but that all said maybe as simply a collector piece that would sit on the shelf one might consider the new ATARI SPEAKER HAT lol











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I'm not a hat guy either, but I will give credit for the current Atari trying to branch out a bit and doing more than just license out their stuff.


This actually reminds me of the early Atari a little, who would constantly try weird, strange and sometimes cool stuff.

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I'd fall into the "who cares?" part of the spectrum of opinion if not for the fact that these have little purpose other than to be obtrusive.  These days, it's a rare subway ride where one isn't exposed to someone's crappy music played through some tinny cell phone speaker.  Nobody wants to hear what you're listening to, I promise.  And exactly how good are speakers in a hat brim going to be, anyway?  (Here, I'll tell you: not all that good.)

Anyway, for this reason alone I hope the hat venture is a failure.
I'm all for innovation and the creation of "I didn't even know I wanted it because, until now, it didn't exist" type products.  And hey, I could even go for a nice, stylish, minimalist Atari hat.  But nobody was asking for this, as far as I can tell, and I suspect that the only people who will use this product as intended are those without respect for others' rights to exist in an undisturbed public setting.
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