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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 10 - It's all about the junk


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I kept a few things simply 'cause I couldn't cram them back in :P and after it was all sealed I found Batman on the floor  :wreck-it-ralph:


anyways some epic junk:

  • cool Hotwheels Caddy, theres a 60' Chevy around the corner with a similar paint scheme 
  • Family Guy DVD season 1-4 ...this looks straigly familiar
  • Atari 2600- Super Cowboy beim Rodeo, will have to test guessing PAL
  • Atari 2600- Space Race, ain't got this one :)
  • INTV - Las Vegas Blackjack & Poker - CIB
  • Centipede for PC-Win-95 , had to sacrifice it NOT going back into the box 
  • 1 expandable TMNT guy , didn't wanna crush him, should someone in the junk path kinda need this shoot me a PM
  • note box molded to look like a Super Famicom 
  • Nintendo Game & Watch DK2 ... where is the off switch ?
  • NES Solar Jetman 
  • N64  Mickeys SpeedwayUSA 
  • oXB Controller , needs some stick tinkering, I think I haz a couple pots
  • couple PS2 discs
  • oXB Mechwarriors gatta check this one out thinking it's prolly better than Chromehounds 
  • XB-360  Assassins Creed America collection - ain't played these yet



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Got the box, I have to make a business trip tommorrow but will be back home in the evening.  Will contact AtariBrian for his address to send the box along after I put da booty in it :P

I got from one of your videos you were in Ohio , you didn't happen to visit Summit Racing in Tallmadge  did ya' ? 



a better view at an earlier location here ;) 


glad you got the box ok :D

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The updated shipping list.  Thanks everyone.

  1. jmjustin6 (GA)

  2. Ballblazer (MD)

  3. correagonzales (NY) - Out Sept 2-6

  4. chas10e (ME)

  5. Willie! (NC)

  6. AtariBrian (NY)

  7. Starbuck66 (MI) - vacation mid-Sept.

  8. TrekMD (FL)

  9. nosweargamer (TN)

  10. greenween (CO)

  11. MalakZero (CA)

  12. RickR (OR)

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Received the box yesterday; here are the items I picked:




I'm very excited to finally have a copy of Miner 2049er for CV! My in-laws have a copy that I play at their place occasionally, but it will be a nice add to my collection.


I also now have no excuse to not beat Ninja Gaiden II or the original Final Fantasy...


Box will be on its way to TrekMD this afternoon!

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