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Justin broke SMB3...

Kid A

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Yeah that was pretty insane! I'm glad you were there to see it happen Vince! :nintendo_mario_whistle::nintendo_mario_airship: Sadly Instagram won't let me save the video permanently. Instagram feeds are live and only stay on your Instagram for 24 hours. I was able to grab some screencaps for those of you who missed it:





I started the Instagram Livestream picking up where we left off in World 7







Everything looked normal as I entered the card room







I completed the card game and matched all of the cards using a tip from Nintendo Power






Then things got insane! As soon as I exited the card room it immediately sent me back in!






I completed 3-4 card games, each time sending me back into the room!

Some cards were already flipped over at the start, which I've never seen happen before.






I was playing on real hardware, using my original NES and SMB3 that I've had since childhood






Only through quick D-Pad action was I able to escape!

I was worried I had come all the way to World 7 only to get trapped in the card room.





We've been doing some pretty innovative stuff on Instagram lately and have livestreams almost every day. Be sure to follow our Instagram page at @atarigames and check out our SUMMER LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/3381-summer-livestream-schedule-atari-io-instagram/


You can also follow Vince (Kid A) on Instagram at @theradiohead :wreck-it-ralph:

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