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Incorporating FMV Scenes in AJCD64 Games…

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Hello there!


Well, it's been a while since I started a post of my own, but here I go.


I was curious about how Atari game engineers and programmers incorporated full-motion video sequences in sprite-based games for the Atari Jaguar CD. How could FMV sequences be incorporated into a sprite-based game? I am sure that it would take some know-how in assembly language for the Jaguar CPU, DSP, and GPU to do it. But, as of now, I have no such knowledge of Atari Jaguar assembly code programming. Does anybody have some idea as to how the sequences are coded in there, and how they can be done seamlessly with non-FMV sprites, to make a solid retro FMV video game? I am not talking about a slide show, and nothing like Vid Grid. I am talking about games like Blue Lightning, Battlemorph, Myst, and Black ICE/White Noise, to name four examples. I know that it would take a lot of time to do it, perhaps years, but I was wondering about the procedure anyway. Does anyone on here know how it can be done for the Jag CD? Thanks for any and all information that is provided, as it is duly appreciated. :)

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You see, I was asking because I want to learn about making a game like this. I won't go into detail, because I cannot, but I am thinking of a homebrew game. It would incorporate FMV intermissions along with the sprite-based game. It is a throwback to the 1990s, I know. But, retro is the thing nowadays. I think it would be a killer game, so maybe someone has an idea on how to compile this type of game. Please feel free to submit a reply anytime. Thank you for your tips and tricks. :)

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