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I am not sure where on here to post this but ...... Those of you who are on my Instagram might remember a couple months ago I ran across a amazing collection of video arcade games owned by a guy named Randy. I was taking some pictures when a guy came up to me and said I could not take pictures (I had missed all the signs posted everywhere about no pictures lol) I ask him why and he studdered saying "ummm well ummm company policy" After we left my daughter say oh yeah there was a sign about as seen on TV. Huh So when I got home I researched and found out this guy was on the show hoarders and so I watched it. Yes the guy who had come up to me was Randy the owner. Anyway the guy does have a crazy obsession but I tell you he has an amazing collection and he still had another store somewhere else full of more in storage. So a friend of mine brought to my attention that all the sudden his entire collection is up for sale! I could not believe this because this guy has a huge passion for these games! I read the auction and basically he needs to get out of the building with all these games. The show Hoarders were the ones who had moved his games to that location. I am feeling for this guy and these games need to be seen. What can I do? I want to help this guy somehow but just do not know what I could do. Any ideas, suggestions, or help?? Here is the link to the auction http://wildwoodvideoarchive.com/boardwalk-malls-retro-arcade-games-sale/. Also search on YouTube for Randy Hoarder episode and check it out. I really feel for this guy and the love of his games.

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