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So, I picked up an OMNI magazine from 1986...

Clint Thompson

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... and I couldn't believe just how incredible it was. This is why magazines died. Not because it was bad but because they used to actually be REALLY good! 




I sat and read the entire thing. From topics of how cats talk, to women rubbing drugs over their bodies, to computer babies and introducing your infant to your computer from the first day you bring them home up into their 8th month to recognize patterns and colors and shapes from the screen and then talks about CD-ROMs being the medium of the future. It was such a refreshing read. It's weird how something from 1986 jam packed in under 120-pages could bring such joy and entertainment in 2017. The ending was my favorite part... The Last Word, and it was a story about a guy going to different food joints to eat genetically engineered foods that were micro-sized and you could pop them into your mouth. Seriously, where else can I find that many strangely interesting topics to read about in a short period of time? Facebook is full of cat videos and memes and the world seems super depressing with news, rants and bitching about literally everything. This was everything but.... we're talking about the future!


Even more-so interesting were the talks of medicine and Taurine. My girlfriend has multiple different types of seizures for the past 7-years, has a VNS installed and has tried probably more drugs than any lab rat should be subjected to, only to still have them. The magazine mentions scientists have known that Taurine has helped with seizures for a long time now. That was in 1986 and it's 2017 and she's still struggling with every known man made drug to find something that works. Sure enough, we did a quick search about Taruine and I'm finding that many people say it has helped or even cured them of seizures for years. So that's what we're going to try this weekend to see if it helps control them. It was also mentioned that it helps with floaters? Interesting. 


It also made me realize how diluted and boring things have become in comparison. How can I find something written from almost 30-years ago so fascinating? Things I wouldn't have really read as a kid or most likely unable to even really comprehend but now re-discovering for the first time. It's really refreshing. I'll definitely be picking up a few more magazines to see what else lies in store. There are definitely some bizarre stories to be read but at least it was truly entertaining. 


Just wanted to share how something so old can make someone feel really alive... even if only for a moment. It was magazines like this that helped people dream. Imagine. Inspire. Really look forward to the future. 

Edited by Clint Thompson

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Oh yeah man I use to just immerse myself in magazines like this, love it. 


I was hoping to find more but here is at least one on Internet archive. 



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