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My Favorite Bands By The Decades

Atari 5200 Guy

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CONTENT ADVISORY:  Some videos shared within this post may contain explicit lyrics and/or disturbing images.  

Parental guidance is suggested.


For as long as I can think back, I have had a love for music.  I have been a keyboard player since I was 12 and a bass player since 2008.  I am not much of a fan of country music but I did dig into the genre from the 1990's listening to the likes of Garth Brooks, Restless Heart, and a few others.  From the age of 7 I have had at least a decent stereo with some way to play vinyl records.  I had received an all-in-one Panasonic stereo along with a bunch of LPs and 45 RPM records when my Mom helped her then-boyfriend pick up new stereo gear including a fancy turntable, amp, EQ, tape deck, and speakers.  His "old" stereo became my "new" form of entertainment.  I still use and prefer vinyl over any other musical format.


In those piles of records I discovered lots of pop, soft and hard rock, and what are now called one-hit wonders.  AC\DC, Foghat, REO Speedwagon, Styx, and I was the only kid I knew of that had the double-LP soundtrack to the Heavy Metal fantasy film.  Literally one hell of a collection for anyone, especially a kid!  I also took to collecting any K-Tel albums I could get my hands one...something I am still doing to this day.  But there were a few bands that stood out to me then and they continue to stand out now.  


For me, personally, a majority of today's music, while good, still lacks that head-turning sound.  There are some bands/solo artists who have managed to create their own style and sound...but those artists are far and few between.  It seems to be more about noise rather than technique, screaming rather than feeling, and sound-a-likes rather than something new and different.  If I am missing something from today's music then please share so I can listen.  I have a found a couple of groups/artists I enjoy listening to today but it is not much...maybe one or two if I'm lucky.


So without further ado here are a few bands and songs that stand out to me starting with the 1970's and going all the way up to the 2010's.  The 1990's however was sort of a mess but I managed to find a few.  These choices are picked because of their techniques, creativity, and originality.  Once you heard them you knew who they were, the DJ didn't even have to announce them.  To keep this from being too overbearing I'm limiting myself to 5 songs per decade.  Please keep in mind that these picks are purely of my own opinion.


I hope you enjoy these!


1970's Choices


Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone



Dr. Hook - You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance


Supertramp - Another Man's Woman


KISS - I Was Made For Loving You


Sammy Hagar - Trans Am



1980's Choices


Supertramp -  Take The Long Way Home


Styx - Rockin' The Paradise


Alan Parson's Project - Games People Play


Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Take A Ride)


Rush - YYZ



1990's Choices


Megadeth - Trust


Green Day - Basket Case



Sister 7 - Know What You Mean



Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song



Creed - My Own Prison




2000's Choices


Evanescence - Bring Me To Life



Foo Fighters - The Pretender



Puddle of Mudd - Blurry



Avenge Sevenfold - Almost Easy



Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody



...and finally...


2010's Choices


Annihilator - Snap



David Cook - The Last Goodbye



(really like this guy's creativity.)


Flo Rida - Wild Ones



(OK...it's not hard rock or heavy metal, but it has a good beat.)


Lady Antebellum - Need You Now



(Yea...it's country...but one of the best country groups I've heard in a long time.)


Kid Rock - Born Free



And there you have it.  The 25 songs across four decades of musical talents that stand out to me as some of the best ever created. 

This was not easy to do and I know there will be questions why I didn't include this song or that artist.  There are a lot of good songs in the 1980's alone that made it tough.  The likes of Sammy Hagar, Journey, Kansas, AC/DC, Poison, and many others really made it tough to pick just five.  By the 1990's the music was not as interesting to me and seemed mediocre at best.  Millie Vanilli didn't help matters either.  I'm sure you have your favorites as well, do tell!  As for me, it's not very often a new song comes along that makes me want to buy it right away so I will most likely stick with my vinyl and cassette collection and use YouTube for modern musical entertainment.


What's my favorite album of all time?  Easy...that double LP Heavy Metal OST on vinyl.  Where else are you going to get original hits by some the era's best artists.  There are a couple of tracks on there that seem out of place but the rest of the album is spot on.  



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I was in my teens in the 90s. My favorite album of the 90s and actually my favorite album of all time is OK Computer (1997) by Radiohead. It's widely considered to be one of the best album of that decade and can be found on best of all time lists.


I listen to a lot of music that my dad doesn't seem to like much. My dad loves this album. He considers it to be one of his top 5 albums. His 1 and 2 being Abbey road and Sgt peppers.


While the entire album is phenomenal, here my 2 favorite songs on the album


Paranoid Android



Karma Police


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There was a new rock band that appeared on the scene in the 1990's called Jackyl.  Their debut album was a quick seller in my area, becoming hard to find.  My mother ended up having to go to a local music store to order a copy for her and later I did the same thing.  Her CD had 10 tracks, mine had 11.  I can't name that 11th track here for obvious reasons.


I should have put them in my list but I didn't.  Here's one of the most unique hard rock songs I've ever heard called Lumberjack.  The only song I know of that uses a chain saw as a musical instrument.



They have others too like Brain Drain, I Stand Alone, Down On Me, and many others.  Every song on their first album is good.  Their second album, even with AC\DC lead singer Brian Johnson doing a duet on one song, really was not that good in my opinion.  I did get to see them in concert shortly after Mom passed away in Branson, Missouri at a bar what use to be called Guitars & Cadillacs.  The next day they were banned from ever returning.  They put on a great show and I couldn't hear real well for a couple of days.

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I listen to a lot of music that my dad doesn't seem to like much. My dad loves this album. He considers it to be one of his top 5 albums. His 1 and 2 being Abbey road and Sgt peppers.


You can't go wrong with Sgt. Peppers.  Awesome classic!  If your dad likes those albums then he must still like vinyl to a point.  There are some things you can do with vinyl that you simply can not do with any other format.  Styx's Paradise Theater did not have a label on the B-side.  Instead there was a laser-etched Styx logo across all the tracks.  And most recently a soundtrack to one of the most iconic and cultural drama films of all-time was put on vinyl with a twist.  Check it out!


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