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Video 61

7800 Asteriods performs much better in trak-ball mode

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Here we are testing Video 61's 7800-compatible Trak-Ball on the 7800 game Asteroids. We know that no 7800 games are Trak-Ball compatible in Trak-Ball mode. But, Asteroids seems to respond fairly good in Trak-Ball mode with the 7800-compatible Trak-Ball controller.















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Awesome!!  Another game for the TB on the 7800!!  And that is one game that has done well on the 7800.  That is how Asteroids should have looked on the 5200.   


Just an FYI:  Your video has a glitch close to the end.  It pauses, does some weird artifact, and then continues.  Whatever the last part is you say is almost completely missing.  

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